Decyfer Down

Last weekend, August 8th & 9th, I had two family reunions. The Quinlan reunion was on Saturday and the Krafft reunion was on Sunday. Couched in between, Saturday night, I was able to see the Christian rock band, Decyfer Down in concert at the Lexington Music Theater and Pub.

I drug my dad along. It was an awesome show! Decyfer Down lit it up! My dad enjoyed it as well. We had excellent seats. I got some excellent pictures, but the one of me with the band didn’t turn out well. The flash on my camera didn’t work, so it’s too dark. I got the band to autograph a T-shirt that I had bought that night.

This is a relatively simple post, which I should have done earlier. But I hadn’t been feeling well this past week and this wasn’t high priority.

If you’ve never heard of Decyfer Down, here’s one of their calmer songs Wake Me